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Feeding pillow with hearts


Outer cover composition: 100% cotton

Size: MEDIUM 54cm X 50cm approx
         BIG 64cm X 60cm approx

The sizes are related to the emptied cover of the filling material.

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11,42 €


16,31 €


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The pillow for breastfeeding has become an indispensable accessory during the nursing phase of every newborn. Recommended by all pediatricians, the cushion serves to give the newborn the erect position during feeding and can also be used as a head support, as a support for sitting your baby when he/she is bigger. The pillow is part of the birth kit, but can also be purchased individually.

BuyItalianStyle has decided to make this  accessory unique, giving it the possibility to customize it in its name, in the blue and pink variant for male and female.

Go to the Customize field, enter the child's name and click on the "Save" button to make the customization effective.

You can choose from the following combinations

ONLY PILLOWCASE: Just the outer cover, with zip on the back but with no filling material.

COMPLETE NON-REMOVABLE: That is, a cushion made of customizable zippered pillow on the back of more filling material.

COMPLETE REMOVABLE: That is, a pillow complete with an inner pillowcase, a filling material and a customizable exterior pillowcase

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