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How to choose the right size for your dog

Size guide for your dog



Chest max

Lengt max

Neck max

Size XS

31 cm

21 cm

20 cm

Size S

36 cm

23 cm

23 cm

Size M

42 cm

28 cm

27 cm

Size L

48 cm

33 cm

31 cm

Size XL

54 cm

36 cm

34 cm

Size XXL

60 cm

41 cm

40 cm


The most IMPORTANT MEASURE to refer is the chest: choosing an item with a chest too narrow, the dress will not close.

Length measurement is indicative: for some dogs, the t-shirt will reach 1 cm from the tail, another 2 or 3 cm depending on the dog's conformation. We recommend not to choose the size from the length of the dog.

The neck size is a reference that is especially useful for very tight garments (ex: round neck sweaters), while it is less important for sweatshirts or zipper coats.